Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome back John Githongo

Kenya has few true heroes. Outside of athletics, we have very few peeps that you would want your children to emulate. Principled, with something positive to give to Kenya.

Only the truly corrupt in any shape won't be glad to have John Githongo back home.


J K said...

@MainaT, I beg to differ here. Githongo's 15 minutes is long gone and he should move on with his other life of activism. Also, no one, including the gallery he was playing to, can trust a man who chats with you strapped with a running recorder on his body.

Disclaimer: I have never worked or dealt with any organization where I could benefit from state corruption. I abhor corruption and will never condone it regardless of the regime in power.

John Maina said...

J k with kenyan or african type of corruption systems and culture of impunity and lying you need all the evidence to proof your point like what githongo did taping those guys. I would encourage everybody to do it if we are to beat corruption in Kenya.

by the way guys in position of power in kenya lies I doubt even a lie detector machine would catch them. Now imagine trying to proof to anyone without undisputed evidence like githongo's, where you would get to.

Hopefully you have not forgotten Kimunya recent saga with the hotel and the number of tales/contradictions he told in a day, and was only caught up because the media had all the recording.

Anything to beat corruption in Kenya is welcome and githongo is leading the right way.