Friday, August 29, 2008

The "named" sponsors of the Jan/Feb violence

This is the copy of the report the new KHRC chair was sweating over at the Waki commission.
Apparently the one she released only had the PNU side of the coin. Very sad how politics have messed up even NGOs such as these which one would expect some independence of thought.

Nothing in it is much of a surprise.

PS: During the secretive m-o-i days (and before wikileaks), Africa Confidential was the only source of believable news on Kenya.


John Maina said...

its sad and shocking that even the only place for sanctuary i.e. churches, there leaders were invovled.
I think only the TRJC will redeem Kenya from its past ghosts and not sweeping them under the carpet.

coldtusker said...

Kenyans and politics... bad mix... perhaps we need to be re-colonised and a constitution imposed on us...

BUT it is not a constitution that makes a nation but a nation that makes a constitution. We saw how kamau wa ngengi (aka jomo 'landgrabber' kenyatta) and dan moi fiddled with it to suit their needs/wants while Kenyans did nothing!