Wednesday, August 06, 2008

NSE Latest

NBK grew by 38% compared to first half of 2007. SCB stood still despite an incredible first quarter which was driven by FX presumably due to Diaspora trasnfers into Safaricom IPO.

Speaking of which, Safaricom is now firmly in my territory, but I am not buying because the supply volumes are averaging something like 10m shares which way to much bearish-sentiment on the counter. Surely it must be good news that Econet won't now happen until September (possibly not at all this year according to Kainvestor)?

An investor was caught napping and bought NMG at Ksh332 after the share had already spilt. What I didn't understand is why given that dealers do still enter the share order, they didn't spot this and just divide the order by 2 or at least counter-check with the investor.

Despite 197% growth from H1 2007, Equity proved what a speculative Stockmarket we have by giving up almost 20% a week after its results announcement because investors feared that its principal shareholders would move their cash into bonds and farming once their lock-in period ended. Some are also confused as to whether the lock-in period ended on 31st of July or will end on 31st of August...

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