Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday shorts

The forthcoming era of fast internet connections continues to garner interest from all. Its one of the reasons I fear for AK. Internet provision like mobiletelephony is initially expensive to provide due to high capex, but the revenue generation afterward is phenomenal. You lay the network and then chop it up into small bits that you mass market in such a way that you cover the amortised capex, staff pay, generous bonuses and maintenance costs. The rest is profit...And who is very good at mass marketing in Kenya?

I like this article's question on how World Bank came up with its Ksh70. The measure requires context and also has to be dynamic because today Ksh70 is not much for a day's spend.

Bolt by name, bolt by action! I've taped that 100m so I can re-watch again and again... Its the equivalent of the first time I saw someone patting a lion.

NSE-are we out of woods yet? Most likely until Co-op IPO comes along. Last week's recovery was not unexpected given that investors had oversold, but the issues remain. Supply and demand are still looking for equilibrium. In the meantime, I have Equity, KCB (by end of next week we'll which way with supply), AK and NMG on my stockwatch.

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