Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple guide to NSE's latest IPOs

Firstly an analogy. I tend to compare IPOs to a ball being thrown in a pool of water. Generally, the deep the pool of water, the higher a ball bounces off the water. Assuming it’s a fully pressurized ball.

TC formerly known as G29. This entity inspired me to start an investment group and I believe the harambee spirit embedded in chamas will get us further than we have envisaged. At a listing p/e of 35 you can see why it was introduced despite requiring capital. In contrast, Centum, the other investing firm at the NSE traded a multiple of 10.3. the other downside of TC is a portfolio of underwhelming assets with only EA Cables as the pick stock. Verdict: terribly overpriced.

Britak is a firm I’ve long tried to figure out how to buy pre-IPO shares in, but the IPO is where my interest ended. Normally, insurance firms have very steady income unless there are catastrophic one-off events such as earthquakes or PEV in our case. Britak made losses in 2009, record profits in 2010 and is projecting 62% drop in profitability for 2011. Can Britak do better with your money than it has done with its own? It would like to take circa Ksh0.6bn from you. Verdict: fully priced, there is no meat remaining on the bone.

Finally, in the forthcoming bucket, there is Family Bank’s introduction to the NSE. Many of its shareholders including this senor think this is Family bank’s theme tune “we’ll list this year, we’ll list this year”. We will believe it when we see it. It is said that imitation is the sheerest form of flattery and Family bank has really really flattered Equity. The Japanese copied the US, forgot their prudence and their economy became a zombie, so cautionary tale right there. In commerce, you must chart your own way, though. That won’t happen at Family unless Kiondo is persuaded to retire and either give his son (he of the thin CV), the reins or reduce his attachment to the bank and let corporate governance take root hold without a gun being stuck into his ribs by CBK. Corporate governance would mean a strong CEO shepherded by strong anchor shareholders (maybe Equity?). Facts, facts. Kiondo opened the door in 1984, Munga in 1984. The both target the same market. In 2010, Family's PBT was a 1/20th that of Equity! Verdict: introduction will excite, but do note that it will be the least profitable bank at ze bourse.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

NSE: Observe its cycle

With the exception of the pre-multiparty years and the first Baba Jimmy era (as an aside I'm totally convinved that Baby Jimmy was told he'd be the 1st president never to have done 2 terms and he ahd to do 2 terms irrespective hence PEV), the NSE has always follows the same pattern. As soon as a General Election is concluded, investors of every hue and persuasion flood in. For the next 4 years and despite several ups, the NSE index maintains an upward trajectory. Then investors and their volumes flee the market in the year of general election.

Why is this and why was 2002-7 period the exception?

Quite simply because, despite a 40m population (60% barely plugged into the economy), we still eat, walk and sleep politics. In Kenya, good politics=good economy and not vice versa as you'd find in most developed countries. In 2007, Kenyans thought it'd be a walkover for Raila and as such everybody kept their money in the NSE or were too pre-occupied with the NSE bullrun.
Given PEV at the start of this 2008-12 political term and consequent political; the ongoing rain short-fall; the out of his depth CBK governor; relatively high oil prices, cycle will be followed to the t.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Charterhouse gate- Peter Odhiambo another unsung Kenyan hero

If it wasn't for Peter Odhiambo, Charterhouse, moneylaunderer's bank would never have been closed back in 2006. If it wasn't for Peter Odhiambo, Harun Mwau, the drug KingPin would never have been recognised by the US of A for his efforts in distribution of illicit drugs.
If it wasn't for Peter Odhiambo, this article won't have been as revealing of our misunderstanding about white collar crime.
Today lets salute Peter Odhiambo, an unsung Kenyan hero. Hope Kenyans like him can day one resume their job of grwoing and building the nation without fear or favor.