Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coherent policy

Inflation stands at a painful 26% and GoK is desperate to bring it down to manageable levels. Yet the same GoK authorises KPLC and Water boards to institute inflation bursting increases in their prices! Perenial droughts in some parts of the country continue to occur at the same time that other areas are throwing away grain...

While one's expectations of GoK must start from a very low level, it'd be nice to see an attempt being made to bring to bear some coherence to policy on some of these issues especially when some have such immediate impacts on the economy.

Who is up for the job? Certainly not Baba Jimmy going by this video. RAO already has his plate full, so perhaps one of dpms can have a go?

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John Maina said...

i wouldn't be surprised if the government says they are working on a policy on this area just like they have been for years on a foreign policy.