Monday, August 11, 2008

D&B new website, new sheriff in town & KPA IPO

In practical terms, D&B's earlier website was good because it fairly easy to navigate. What has always been my issue with D&B is the speed and quality of its customer service. Hope that is also given a new coat of painting.

Hope Mwakwere realises there is a new sheriff in town. He is officially the worst performing minister in the history of Kenya. A complete and utter waste of taxpayer's money. If there must a be a minister from the coast on the PNU side, lets try somebody else. I think if there was ever going to be an effective PM-post, then it'd have a required a strong personality who can set an agenda for how and what the post should do. If only GoK could also think about reducing the cabinet numbers, we'd be well on our way.
Why not list KPA? Apart from reducing the political dimension somewhat because investors won't put up with people like Mwakwere recommending who should its CEO, it'll give another fund-raising option.

Mind you, with the way Safaricom is going, Kenyans may steer away from GoK OFS in future. I am worried that its rate of depreciation may mean I have to re-write this post. Although supply has been cited as the biggest issue, I'd actually say its the realisation that it doesn't have a goods investor relations team. Econet has been pushed back and I doubt if it'll have the cash to compete and neither will Telkom. Still, I've sold my small holding just in case things go below IPO price (or rather below Ksh5.10 which is the breakeven point).

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