Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday's Shorts

Oh KQ. This summer, I needed to book direct flights urgently and to fit my pocket. So I noted that KQ were offering good prices and tried its new booking facility. After going through all the various pages, I got to the paying web-page. And discovered, there was nowhere for one to insert the 16-digits of the credit card! Incredible...

RVR seems to have done something right at long last. Puffet always looked like he didn't have a clue where he had landed.

We said it. Hiring professional wailers to moan about Kimunya mumunyaring, but then we all missed the crucial point that Grand Regency was now owned Libyans. And then the professional defenders of the establishment come out with stuff like, GRH was never public proponent. CBK is a public institution that held a property in lieu of unpaid debts. Thus by extension GRH is a public property. This week, I sincerely hope parliament finds Kimunya to be an incompetent liar and more importantly that GRH is public property that should be auctioned publicly to the highest bidders.

Where Kenyans fear August, I worry about July. A few years ago I lost my grandfather, who brought me up. This July I lost my father-in-law and our family lost close a close family friend. Then my pastor who is barely in his 40s was discovered to have cancer of the kidney which necessitated being taken out. Its also a time that reminds me that a life is very short. As such one must do what they've set out to do and not leave it for tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. And spend less time on quarrels; negativism; or the past.


Ssembonge said...

Poleni for the loss of your loved one.

Kim said...

Pole for your lose.