Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Unknowns & Githongo for Ringera

In January, our great nation was on the verge of becoming a non-nation in the mould of Somalia. Yet, the lowest the NSE has reached this year was on Wednesday this week…

Safaricom is the largest mobile provider in East and Central Africa, with products that are mould-breaking not just in its sector but in Kenya. Yet at Ksh5.10, everybody who owns this was going to make a loss if they sold. So why wasn’t there 1bn shares being ordered yesterday?

When my wife was away, I did our weekly and discovered a shocker. Manyake accounts for 15% of our weekly shopping; carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes and rice) 6%; but 33% was fruit & vegetables. And you wonder about these headlines?

I can understand cultural reasons (ala the Maoris) and even lack of paper, but why do people tattoo themselves?

Last year, somebody who claims to know a lot about Kibaki told me that mzee didn't even want a 2nd term and its because of peeps like ka-roocy and the money-machines that were really pushing him to go for another term. His reluctancy was for two reasons; the referendum showed him Kenyans were ungrateful and 2ndly because his health was not good at all. So why all that bloodshed in Jan?

And finally, if we had got together as a nation and really knew what we wanted , Ringera would be back to the high court and Githongo would be asked to turn up at Integrity Centre on Monday morning sharp… as the new head of KACC.


J K said...
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J K said...

Ringera has been largely disappointing. His 2m monthly bill is a completee waste of public resources.
However, Githongo's modus operandi is wrong, even with the lackluster performance of our investigating arm, as a senior Government official, you don't turn yourself into a private sleuth and start videotaping your seniors. He most likely video tapped the President only that maybe the content was not explosive and hence failure for it not surfacing . Whichever gallery he was playing to showed him not to be exactly sincere. Kibaki May be many things but I think displaying him as a likely murderer and hence his fleeing in my humble submission was not genuine

MainaT said...

JK-that is why I said if Kenyans had it. Githongo would be able to do his job openly with ministers resigning on being found guilty and without fear of any backlash as civil servant