Saturday, August 30, 2008

2012; The outlook on Kenya’s landscape

Since independence, there have been numerous abortive starts to a new Kenya and sadly 2007 which many reckoned to be the moment of truth, has come and gone without this realisation albeit with unexpected outcome. In the wake of this passing, many Kenyans well known for their high optimisms have once again been left bewildered and pessimistic about their illusive dream.

However, timing which is a great healer increasingly appears to be on their side. Due to the combination of various factors/events taking place, 2012 will culminate into the birth of a new prosperous, harmonious, peaceful Kenya.

On the political front, the curtain will fall for a large group of old conservatives who have been an impediment to the country’s transition. This group which has amassed wealth in the hands of a few will be led by the incumbent in exiting the political stage. This will allow generational transition to a younger leader more attuned with the large Kenyan constituent.

It is also a foregone conclusion that its not how, whether or if, but Kenya will get a new constitution this time round now that the former protagonists are together.

Interestingly, going by the 2007 general election whereby 50% of well off m.p’s many of them cabinet ministers where shown the door, it is clear that the voters are more politically conscience and informed ready to hold their leaders to account. There will be no turning back come 2012 and similar voter’s fury with inept representatives is guaranteed to be replicated.

On the economic front, business and not toxic politics has started and appears that by 2012 will have taken centre stage. The government legislative efforts to tackle bureaucracy will bear fruits by this period thus creating conducive business environment.

Likewise, N.S.E will have de-mutualised, East Africa stock exchange commenced enabling the expansion of companies regionally plus improvement in accountability, efficiency and transparency. Many companies will also have been listed in the stock exchange, over the counter trading and REIT’s will be up and running resultantly creating wealth and opportunities in Kenya as a regional business hub and leader. Hopefully the current oil exploration will have produced positive results.

Crucially, the undersea cabling will have been completed and connecting Kenya to the rest of the world at an affordable rate. This connection will bring enormous benefits and transformation to the country’s ICT infrastructure, the way Kenya do business and the multiplication of Business Process Outsourcing industry.

Socially, it is evident that Kenyans will have come of age and put the sad events of 2007 behind them replacing the animosity with valuing others, tolerance, acceptance and living in harmony. Undoubtedly, they will be more conscience of their human and civil rights and unlikely to fall for the political manipulations.

However, this is by no means to that Kenyans will live in utopia land as some of the country’s challenges are deep-rooted and require concerted efforts and lengthy intervention, but 2012 will usher in the Kenya that many have yearned for.

So what’s your take on 2012?


MainaT said...

JM, tulia bwana.

2012 is a looong way and anything can happen between now and then.
2ndly, you are too obsessed with politics.

Here is a novel cure, like many of our diaspora brethren, weka pesa kando and go for one of the seats in 2012. Ama?

coldtusker said...

Kenyans are all talk but no action... we have been saying since 1963 that we need better governance but we elect the same thieves and idiots years in, year out...

2012 needs a new slew of 'clean' and smart politicians but... you will see the same bunch!