Friday, August 01, 2008

EA Stock Exchange

If this does come into effect from January next year, it could have the same effect as the NSE's automated trading system and introduction of CDSC. With upside and downsides. Nevertheless exciting. Imagine trading in Bongo-land who are notoriuosly fearful of the Kenyan avarice.

Speaking of which, I think I'll test how easy/difficult it is to trade at the DSE. National Microfinance Bank is about to do its IPO from the 18th of August. I tried buying its shares last year when I saw it'd be listing, but the CEO politely told me to wait for IPO. So here we are...

NCD is a sort of a microfinance bank, but unlike most of this found in Kenya, its currently majority government-owned. Gova will be selling 21% of its holding so that the shareholding will be:

RABO Bank (Dutch community-type bank)- 34.9%

TZ Gova-31%


NICOL (a mostly investment company that listed recently)-6.6%

Exim Bank TZ (i.e. is a parastatal)-5.8%

TZ Chamber of Commerce blah blah-1.7%

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