Saturday, January 03, 2009

NSE weekly catch up: Results season kicks off

If you were looking to buy to take advantage of capital growth induced by the results season which kicked off yesterday until end of March, then you may well have missed the bus on some shares:

Equity was up 22% from Monday and there was this intriguing foreigner sale which no Media house or broker seems to have commented on...
AK was up 12% and has a lot of momentum for the rest of the year in my opinion
EA Cables was up 11% and is another (together with Centum-up 10%) which I see having a solid year shareprice-wise
Unga with results already out and its 1 for 5 bonus issue closure day behind it (30/12), will probably slide slowly (down 7% since Monday).

AIM corner:
Any prospective shareholders of Limuru Tea? I forgot to mention that the Tea firm (which now belongs to Brooke Bond given Unilever had a 54% holding), is doing a 1 for 1 bonus share issue. For which the books closed on the 18th of Dec :-(
However, City Trust (minority shareholder of fast rising I&M bank), is also doing a 1 for 10 bonus share issue and this is still open.

AOB: Nice of Reuters to highlight what a miserable yr 2008 was for us NSE investors. Not sure though where BDA got its 3.3% rise for Equity in 2008 (opening price was Ksh150, closing was Ksh176).

Macro view: I still read press reports that peeps are not getting the cheaper Ugali, so who is? Hopefully, we'll get a decent finance minister this year though that will have to wait for the old man to wake up.


coldtusker said...

Kenyan business reporting is crap... Does that explain the poor reporting & errors?

MainaT said...

They all lack properly qualified guy in business i.e. most are journalists who are asked to cover business issues.
Muna Wahome who was with DN used to be very good, but I haven't read anything she has written recently.
Somebody like NMG should hire one of these stockbroker guys to cover NTV, BDA and DN market news.

odegle said...

I really would like the market to bounce back. But investors also need to up the game and shun those speculative ways which tend to make it easier for crooks to manipulate the NSE

MainaT said...

Od-I think after Safcom, we have fewer speculative players in the market. At least the inexperienced portion of it.