Thursday, January 08, 2009


Kimunya said he'd rather die than resign. then he promptly resigned...but lived
Dick Fuld turned down no less than 5 different offers for a stake or takeover of Lehman Brothers because his valuation was double or more that of those offering. He didn't believe what the prospective buyers said about his beloved Lehman's toxic balance sheet and also believed Hank Poulson.
Around 4/5/6 months traders on Wall Street and elsewhere were still paying out £10k+ in a restraunt, today many are having to take pay cuts or re-orientation courses.
Tupac used to swagger after surviving a pac-getting shooting and believed he'd live for ever. He died shortly, of the same.
The other day, the captain of the England Cricket (a glorified drunk's day in the park) team went to the Cricket Board and told them that he being the best batsman since sliced bread would step down as captain, if the board didn't fire England head coach who he reckoned was useless. The board thought about it and told him thus;
we agree the coach his rubbish, so we'll sack him
but we also think you are a rubbish captain, so you're fired. lol...

Its called the law of indespensability...and will catch up with Kenyan politicians


empowerkenya said...

good article, however arent we taught to make ourselves indispensable? It is what sets people apart. There is something about a person who thinks that he/she is indispensable.
I advise people to be skilled enough in order to be indispensable while at the same time not running people the wrong way as our Kenyan politicians have.

MainaT said...

Empowerkenya-my piece is about making others think you are indespensable not you thinking you are indespensable. Subtle difference.

Maishinski said...

Indispensability is a myth... Unless you are a Sole Proprietor.

More likely than not, if you were to drop down dead (God forbid), it wont be long before your employer finds a way to get by without you.

Sorry brah. Thats just how it is.