Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vision for Kieni

I was surprised to see this document. Because of the quality of leadership that we have in this nation, its a pity that something like this, a clearly detailed vision doesn't even have any timelines for when it might be actualised. The vision covers 2005-15 so almost 4 years have already been spent with no tangible movement. The glossy hardcopy is probably being used as a mousepad somwhere in OP.
The document as you'd expect from consultants is very well laid and looks at;
  • Area's key resources
  • SWOT analysis of the area. I noticed they picked upon solar and wind energy which are very obvious. Who and when will deliver a cheap solar energy solution? They'll make billions... Honey bee farming; Tourism; Dairy farming were other opportunities. I like the idea of commercial agro-forestry which would have the dual purpose of preserving the area of desertification.
  • Vision (sustainable improved and equitable utilisation of available resources) and mission (empowerment to deliver vision) for the area
  • Prioritising key challenges and solutions
Its a detailed piece and I believe something that the area can utilise to tangibly change lives. Are you listening bwana Warongongo?

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