Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama: We don't want aid, we want an anti-corruption stance

Today is a great day for us all. We Kenyans may not get an extra portion of ugali, but a son of our own will ascend to the most powerful position in the world. So it should mean something. It'll mean even more if 8 years from now, the Kenyan mwanachi can look back and say the son of our own has exceeded our expectations. He has been a real friend.

A real friend is the one who tells you when you are going wrong. A real friend tells you when you stink, when your spouse or girlfriend is wack/a fraud. And they are there when you are in real need.

Obama understands our critical issue. We've had aid since independence, but because of corruption, we are worse off today. I believe its Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a diferent outcome. Corruption is the genesis of most of Kenya's problems including last year's clashes. It'll cost more lives unless its dealt with the seriousness it deserves.

Rais Obama must refuse to deal with corrupt African regimes and give them similar parriah status to Mugabe. If we are to end up in the arms of the Chiness and Arab goons so be it, but we need a different way of dealing with our proudly corrupt regimes. Kibz and RAO are now in that list of proudly corrupt regimes and Obama must deal with them as such...

Best wishes President Barrack Obama.


coldtusker said...

You (This is MainaT, si?) are kidding???

Obama is first & foremost an American... just coz his father is from Kenya is not of much consequence...

BO sr, did a wham bam, thank you maam... BO sr had a wife in Kenya, dumped BO & his Mum when he was 1 month old... and took/brought to Kenya wife#3 (who also left him was was 'abondoned' by Bo sr.)

it is commendable that BO came over here to 'find' his roots but how would his daughters feel if BO had done the same with Michelle?

And BTW, the 'relatives' are already causing the poor guy problems including an illegal immigrant zeituni onyango!

I hope none of the guys who went there from Kogelo plan to spoil BO's credibility by over-staying their visas!

odegle said...

the good thing about having such a global appeal as Obama is that it makes it easy for you to make the changes you want. the downside is that it may be easy to let it get into your head like Kibz did.

@coldtusker, I have heard that argument abt Obama's dad several times but it looks like you didn't realise no one was listening. no one cares what his dad did. Further what endears most Africans and indeed Kenyans to President Obama is the fact that we did not choose him, he chose us. He chose to make it known to the entire world that he was rejected but took his time to look for his dad anyway. If he did not consider himself Kenyan, i dont think Sarah would be having Marine security and escort and even invitation to attend the inauguration!

MainaT said...

CT- relax senor :-)
The piece started by qualifying the fact that he won't add any sufurias of ugali to us...
Btw, Obama did mention his father's little village. We Kenyans like those embarrassing relas we all have, are Obama's.

MainaT said...

Od- Obama is the most unlikely person to let all this get him...

coldtusker said...

It does get my goat... why?

Coz Kenyans expect Obama will be the Messiah & want to sit back & do nothing!

The focus is on the 'son of a Kenyan father' NOT the lessons we should learn from him or from Americans.

Will I ever see a president in Kenya who is chosen NOT for his political abilities (talking the walk) or tribal affiliations BUT for his merits as a good leader?

If any of those relatives overstay their visas, it will create a distraction for Obama from other important things... like telling kibz & raila to suck it in OR they can forget 'aid' from the USA.