Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Equity's large share trade today

A big Ksh2.5bn worth of Equity stake exchanged hands today. Based on mystocks live stream , it almost certainly looks like one of its foreign shareholders selling to a domestic shareholder. Helios I believe has a 3-5yr lock-down clause. So that leaves either Africap (which is no longer bound by the initial 2yr lock-down) or some others who were scooping up those shares sold in batches oif around 800k around the time of the August lock-down.
The transaction equates to 15m of Equity shares or 3.88% of its total shareholding which I believe falls under the 5% threshold upon which Equity is obliged to lay bear the details.
It'd however be of interest to the shareholders and I am sure the NSE at large, if the details of the transaction were to be made public. For the FTSE, I think the threshold is something like 1% before this information is revealed.

Several other shares also saw foreigners exit for what I believe are year-end book closure purposes.

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