Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Blogging Highlights and others

2008 for us Kenyans started off nightmarishly and disappointingly us bloggers retreated into our tribal cocoons or kept quiet as our nation tore itself apart. So from a Kenyan blogging point of view, its difficult to pick any blogger.
It was the year bankers proved they were human and there was no better blogger at explaining how human than Robert Preston. This is a compelling read of the week the whole UK banking system was a hanging off a cliff.

Thank you to Koffi Annan (I am sure at the end he must have beeen thinking how do Kenyans cope with these guys?) and Kikwete for the peaceful solution.
And to ”our cousin” Obama for another positive.
There were also positives for Kenya in the sporting arena with Harambee and our runners at the Olympics.

From a personal pt of view, the 2nd half of 2008 was fairly challenging. I lost some close relas and a friend. My employer went bankrupt. I know many others went thru far far more challenging circumstances so as I look back on the full yr, I thank God for being in my corner kabisa and bringing us thru…

As a blogger, I am sure there are ways that I could improve the blog and I really welcome any suggestions/topics from readers...

2009 is shaping up excitingly for me

I want to wish you all a happy, prosperous & adventurous 2009.


Maishinski said...

Maina T - Pole about your relaz and friend. Glad to see you put your trust in God through the tough times

What I like most about your blog: The presentation. Excellent graphs that help us to grasp the message in an instant.

You digest it so we dont have to (that makes us lazy.. but who's complaining lol!).

Have a happy and blessed 2009.

Maishinski said...


Business community should not be 100% devolved from politics.

Politics shape business (who makes the laws? Who determines whether there's chaos on the streets?).

Politicians seldom understand business - hence its the private sector's prerogative to stand up and shape politics.

The private sector has resources and capacity to stop dirty politicians on their tracks.

Hopefully the PPP initiatives will open the private sector's eyes.