Saturday, December 13, 2008

Are we regressing? Again

  • This is wrong. Next we'll get arrested for wearing t-shirts saying we can't stand Kibaki and internet sites will be banned.
  • Media bill: GoK has tried to bring in this for a few years and its finally had it passed in bunge by 27 mps this week. Std raids and the like will now become common under guise of national security (which incidentally is the words Michuki used in 2006). Hidden under there is a piece allowing Posta to open your letters.
  • No tax paying MPs: Ksh 600m generated from this tax revenue could now have been used to fund the so called "ugali" subsidy. Yes they've not been paying taxes for eons, but given the credit crunch, they can for once be like common wananchi. And please, don't tell us about how they've invested to get to Parliament. Parliament should be about serving the people who elected you not getting a return on your outlay.
  • 42 cabinent ministers: And we are surprised we have a budget deficit?
  • "Ugali" subsidy: Who will willingly pay ksh72 when they could pay Ksh52 for the same packet of ugali? I haven't seen a worse "bandage" fix.
  • Mau: Very sad that this has even become a point of contention.

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