Saturday, December 13, 2008

Is this 1980s in Kenya or 2008?

Picture courtesy of Daily Nation


glo said...

This SUCKS big time and the day Kenyans get rid of all those gits sitting in parliament, we shall see a rebirth of a new nation. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Maishinski said...

I saw it live on TV when they arrested guys for wearing black Tshirts.

Nyambane also got similar violent treatment when he tried to approach the presidential Dais!

We are still colonized. Only the color of the on-site colonial master changed.

We desperately need new statutes and a new constitution.

MainaT said...

We need to rethink leadership in Kenya as a starting pt.

propaganda said...

What exactly is the "correct" way to dea with this? Let him keep shouting to his heart's delight? Trust me, in every country in the world -- the US included -- heckers get dragged away.