Monday, October 06, 2008

Which would be your ideal town to work in Kenya?

Our economy being what it is dictates that you if you are looking for a decent career or job in almost every field apart from maybe tourism and maritime jobs, that you be based in Nai. However, if I had a choice in the matter, my 3 preferred towns to work and live in would be Nyeri; Malindi; Kericho. And I think that if these 3 towns were to start thinking of themselves as economic units in compe with Nai, it would not only be good for the growth of our economy, but would also slow down some of the political venom we are currently living under because of skewed economy growth. So for;

Nyeri: A good starting point would be to avoid getting sucked into the unplanned growth and expansion that plagues Nai. The growth of slums and posh estates arbitrary needs to be controlled before the population gets to 1m or more. For a provincial headquarter, the town is a laugh and reminds me of those small towns you see in the US/UK all with same cross-shaped two roads one always being called "main street" (and "high street" in the UK). In Nyeri's case, you get one tarmacked road that winds its way in and out of the town. The town should go for a fully-fledged university based around the Kimathi Institute with supporting industries perhaps based on plans to build an internet or electronic village. A mzungu's view of the town (complete with mispronunciations). More impressively, the town now has a website though lacking in any useful content.

Malindi: The tourism is the main and growing industry but this town has a lot more potential than even Mombasa and could again act as an economic growth hub. The Mombasa-Malindi road would need to be improved and widened as would utilities around the town. As with Nyeri (ok and possibly every other town in Kenya), it suffers from a lack of planning such that this will have an effect in long-run if not contained.

Kericho: Before the recent happenings, I had seriously thought of buying a plot in Kericho town. If you haven't been, make sure you drive through this town. It really is one of the most beautiful places for me and very calming too. This is the only half-decent video I could find.

At a macro-level, if you shouldn't put all your eggs in one economy, neither should our economy. One of my biggest wishes is that given the dearth of planning in Nai, GoK, councils and indeed the local population in various towns and villages.


bankelele said...

An interesting thread you have. Mots developments In Nairobi and Mombasa have become sooo expensive, but people are still mining the outskirts of these expanding towns for cheap land investments that will double/triple in no time.
One problem, is that banks have always (and more so post-December) been wary of 'rural' land which is beyond town limits

Ssembonge said...

Give me Nairobi. Any day, any time.

MainaT said...

Bankelele-Just an out of the box thing. Banks will need to re-think their approach.

Ssem-Useeed to be into Nai. Then I passed thru Kasarani. The place is a disgrace. Incomplete apartment buildings; most build with utilities as an after-thought. No real roads. Pathetic.