Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Actions without consequencies: Kenya's way

Even if you are not a vengeful person or have no compassion for your fellow human being, there is no way you can read the Waki report or excerpts such as this and not be moved to demand justice for the lives needlessly lost earlier this year. Most of the "prominent" persons named will probably be able to drag the whole thing for years, so I actually think that going the Hague is a better idea so that those named will escape Kenya's but not international justice.

82 nominee accounts for one client with the same broker! And peeps wonder why brokers are collapsing and insider trading (front-running, short-selling) is rife at the NSE? By being able to assess this amount of funds and shares from NSSF, DSL would straight away start trading using the shares. However, most dealers just like the rest of us have no idea which way the market will blow and are inevitably caught out when NSE goes through a bearish session (such as March 2007 when FT collapsed and the current one). So why is NSE keeping DSL open for business? Beyond losing their jobs, will the NSSF board be punished if funds are lost?

Roads are once again a major life-taker. The reason is that Ndarathi Murungaru and Ali "Koffi Olamide" Makwere are not Michuki and hence haven't been able to maintain the good work he started. Will Makwere lose his job?


Maishinski said...

CMA and NSE need a complete legislative overhaul.

These foko-jembe institutions have created the perfect environment for negative investor sentiment.

Anyone looking to Frontier markets will probably hesitate after reading about DSL.

Its a big shame.

MainaT said...

CMA had a once-in a lifetime chance of forging ahead when it was a looking for a CEO. Some of the candidates forwarded to Kimunya for consideration were excellent "change agents".

He chose political balancing.