Monday, October 06, 2008

Can you discern the seasons?

The preacher in our church yesterday spoke on something which I think is very timely. He talked about how we all need to know when it time to plant; time for watering and finally time to harvest. He also pointed out that the most difficult season is the planting season. You have to till, possibly manure and of course you have no idea if the rains will come. Many of us love the harvesting season. The problem is many of us are only interested in the harvesting season. Others try to go through the various seasons, but don't know when the season for planting is and thus end up with maize drying up before its ready to harvest.

Likewise the stockmarket.

So you can discern the seasons at the stockmarket?

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analysans said...

At the market, it is time to till and plant; ensure you have enough grain in storage, so you dont plant what you will need to feed on...then wait for the rains.