Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Future TV Mogul: Venture capitalists beware

I am surprised nobody would want to help fund this guy even for the pure joy of getting involved in something so fresh and original. If anybody has his contacts, let me know.


ka-investor said...

I've seen his UTV and always wondered why he presents all the episodes. He broadcasts some of the best latest movies though...compared to conventional stations like KTN who only air out dated movies.

that is pure talent right there. i also wonder what venture capitalist in Kenya do, if they can't see the potential in this guy. Our own 'genius'!

if i get his contacts i will send them to you. I will also chip in a small donation in appreciation of his ingenuity.

MainaT said...

Ka-investor:Please do.

Most of the so-called venture capitalists like the ego-boost of putting zillions into an already profitable venture. Or in Kenya, those guaranteed to win GoK favor in contracts.
If I had a listed firm, I'd sponsor a guy like this for maybe one yr and see what he does with the capital. Whats there to lose?

Ssembonge said...

It would have made a big difference in his life if he lived in the US. However, from ka-investors comments, he doesnt seem like he has a business plan.

The fact that he's broadcasting the latest movies shows that he is not operating under the laws.

I guess he should look for advertising opportunities to support local content. He could start by covering Machakos/Ath-river area before growing his base.

Mary said...

Hi, you may contact Mr. Jagi - MD of AAR kenya...he supports many Enterprenuers in nyeriand would certainly have or know where to get his contacts...
Good hunting