Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Shorts

So was this last week's sharp policy the moment Gordon Brown halted his disappearing chance of winning the next General Election? Maybe, but unlikely. In the event that UK has a full blown recession next yr and house prices continue at this pace, he'll get the blame for getting us in this mess in the first place. The idea is good because it reassures taxpayers that their bucks won't just be given away for free to wheel-dealers with no scruples.

They say loose lips sink a ship. No soon as a US offical started ruling out adopting the UK policy than the US markets dived downwards before Poulson quickly reassured that this was not the case and they recovered.

So will MS fold given the Lehman-like pattern its followed this past week? No. US govt has now learned that Lehmans was a "tbtf" investment bank so it won't be allowing any others to fall.

Kudos to the BBC for doing a full week featuring the Maasai Mara. Lakini I wish it would also focus on other aspects of Kenya that are good.

Ati there are 44,000 evangilical churches in Kenya? And two applications for new ones per day. Is this what is known as prosperity gospel? Church and money. Infact, church and vices now seem to run together.

Kenyatta day is named thus because its supposed to remind of sacrifices made in the past in which case why not call it something relevant like Freedom Fighters day? Na m-o-i day? What is it all about? Ama Kenyans just love these days off? Wish we had half as many in the UK.

"Unataka soda ngapi?", this guy seems to be asking. I remember last yr, a KBVL truck overturned near Karatina, guys camped by the roadside overnight with cups getting sozzled.


Ssembonge said...

Lehman's failure could be the turning point of the current crisis.

MainaT said...

Hank Poulson showed his GS bias and its paid him back in double coinage