Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wherewith RVR and other deals dragging along?

3 days to go before RVR shareholders have to produce the goods and all indications are that things are thick.
Centum (ICDC) and TC, the two Kenyan anchor shareholders have been battered in the stock markets reducing their leveraging opportunities. The bear markets will prevent all but foolhardy foreign investors coming in.
Hope we are not back where we were two years ago trying to hatch midnight deals.
  1. Meanwhile, sugar firms saga drags on...
  2. Grainhandling contract at coast when we'll really need effeciency-drags on...
  3. Econet-perhaps next March?
  4. Is TEAMS still coming on-board next April?
  5. Veep house-are you telling me our esteemed VP has been sleeping rough while awaiting his 76-room mansion?
When we'll get procurement and infrastructure deals right?

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coldtusker said...

I can guarantee the Ka-looser is not sleeping rough... damned be the economy... the cronies enjoy top-billing...