Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Argentina have confounded foe and friend alike by appointing the one and only Diego Armando Maradona as the manager of the football manager. A genius as a footballer (greatest ever in my humble opinion), Maradona has been a complete and utter nutcase off the football pitch going thru stuff that would take several legendary hellraisers to do. Cocaine bursts and bans; drug-induced heart attack; shooting at journalists and other more common shenanigans. In other words, not management material. But he is next to God, Mary mother of Jesus as far as Argentineans are concerned. The thinking is that he'll shield the team from vociferous media attacks normally mettled out when the team underperforms. My hope is he and Argentina make to the World Cup.

My local team seats on top of the English league. And for once we the fans are worried. We've gone 18yrs without winning the title so we can do without false dawns. I'll only mention those words if the great Liverpool football club is on the same station come next March...

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