Monday, January 07, 2008

Uplifting stories

In the west, no news is good news. Slowly and surely, Kenya being moved from the headline/front-page news and I thank God for that.
Its nice to see that Nairobians can now slowly go back to whining about their looong traffic jams and potential looters in Momba (maybe in 2o12?) will have some to consider halbadiri being invoked on them.

Meanwhile, at the NSE most stocks today saw "bid" quantities heavily outweighing "ask" quantities as big investors rushed in to take advantage of small investors nervousness about current situation. Don't forget that results season will soon be upon us and thus in a traditional sense we should be seeing rising prices leading up to the Feb/Mar period.

Beyond that, investors will start getting a feel for which companies have been heavily impacted by current looting/destruction in the name of democracy. I mean, how stupid do people get, you burn your local supermarket/shops/petrol stations; trucks that transport local milk and yet you'll be whining in a yr about your region being neglected.

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