Friday, January 04, 2008

Suggestions vs impasse

  1. Kibz to step down-but what about his 4m voters (even the pro-ODM Standard confirmed he got that many)?Voter recount- was viable on Monday/Tuesday, now it would just be a replay of last Saturday
  2. Power-sharing i.e. Kibz doe the 2.5 yrs and Ro the remaining 2.5yrs (i nicked this from BDA)
  3. Govt of national unity-been here before in 2003 and this didn't work, what makes you think it'll now?
  4. Govt of national unity excluding Kibz and RO
  5. Publish the findings of the audit jointly done by 18 presidential agents and the ECK last Saturday night
  6. Ban political rallies in Nai for 6 months and elsewhere for 3 months with jail terms for lawbreakers. These rallies are the genesis of this current situation and have been going since 2003. Kenyans need less (far less) politicking-a throwback to M-o-1 days
  7. Redo the presidential elections with internationally constituted commission-an ok idea as long as no political campaigns of any kind including media
  8. Open parliament immediately which will facilitate a vote of no confidence in Kibz (remember ODM has the numbers to do this).
Any more?

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lyn said...

what about 4m votes? u mean people from central province will never allow any other tribe to rule? coz as far as i am concerned they rarely vote for non-Gema, so what will happen to this country if democracy cannot take its course, civil war or what?