Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kenya: A work in progress

One of the things that makes me an optimist about our country is the realization that we are a work in progress. Looking at it in just a selection of ways:

  1. Democratization process over the world, some places (e.g. UK), it took 1,000+ yrs for them to have universal suffrage (i.e. right to vote); others only permitted certain groups to vote in the last 40 years (US) some of the emerging economic giants were ruled by military juntas even up to late 80s. Some like China have not yet gone through the birth pangs of democracy, but will. We’ve been a nation for 45 years and have experimented with pseudo-dictatorship, coup d’etat, and sadly even lately we’ve civil war in all but name. We are thus poised for better wiser choices.
  2. Economy: Most western economies would be happy to get 5% annual growth. Most won’t e.g. UK which even at its booming period had 3.5% annual growth rate. Similarly US had a growth rate of 5% at peak over the last 10 years. We on the other hand scorn 5%, think we can get 10% within the next two/three years and higher if we care for it
  3. Education: Many countries have experimented with many education systems some are still doing this. In some, you had your own color of schools even as late as the 60s. Free schooling is not actually a goal in many countries. In Kenya, I am convinced that even university will be free by 2020.
  4. Technology: While many have gone through various stages of technological evolution, we more or less get ready-made technology. We manage world-class research breakthroughs despite not having the capital. Think what we can do if we had the supporting economic growth…
  5. Sport: Need I say more?

Bottomline: We are a work in progress. The best of Kenya is on its way...


Shiku said...

I like your enthusiasm

egm said...

Nice piece. This definitely makes the dark look not as bad, revealing that silver lining in the clouds.

MainaT said...

Shiku-All I have seen has taught me to believe.