Wednesday, June 03, 2009


    • Why does trading in Western markets feel like pure gambling compared to the NSE?
    • Why do most black men always go for the lowest common denominator (easily available) when they date other races when wazungus go for looks when dating other races?
    • Why do bunge candidates in Kenya have to belong to a particular political party?
    • Why do most self-confessed neutral observers always turn right or left when it comes to politics or religion? E.g. you couldn't find a liberal calling for no war on Afganistan after 911 even though by right Saudi Arabia could easily have been a target given the majority of the terrorist were Saudis.
    • Why do most black women never pine for having their hair grow or be styled au nauterrel you know without the straightness, curlers et al?
    • Why does a Kenyan like me who is a minority of privileged Kenyans who either have fast or continuous internet access use it to talk negative all the time about my country?
    • Why do recruiters always hound you when you don't want a job and avoid you when you do?
    • Why do we acknowledge God but disassociate ourselves with Ngai wa Kirinyaga, Anu, Enkai etc?
    • Why does politics attract society's oddities? The sort that think it odd for their constituents (the majority who commute to the same city as they do) to get mad at their 2nd home claims or odd to a hire a cheering crowd?

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    Maishinski said...

    According to research by UN, jungus in motherland typically go for the ugali-est, high mileage-est, high maintenance-est, cultureless-est, local "exhibit"-est switches.