Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The case for a considered revival of KMC

Kenya Meat Commission's survival is once gain in doubt despite GoK spending almost Ksh1bn to get it up and running again. More is the pity. Kenya is an agriculture economy and the sooner GoK recognises and devotes not just money but better thinking process around how

  1. Farming of all types from dairy, animal husbandry, maize farming, small-holding horticulture can be moved subsistence. Key to this is having supporting marketing boards of the New KCC and KMC variety.
  2. Nurturing these market boards to become strong private sector players. Only notable successes today are New KCC (which is due to list when the market allows) and possibly Mumias.
  3. Listing the said market boards so as to deepen private sector ethos and practices.

Beyond that they are social imperatives for supporting the likes of KMC:

  • Diseases: effectively having small butcheries mushrooming all over the place will make it difficult and expensive to contain diseases that typically tend to spread to human beings. With a bigger outfit, it’s easy to have the centralised command control needed.
  • Arid and semi-arid areas make for inhabitable business setting up. GoK is better at doing this in these areas as part of its development program.
  • Quality product: Its easier for KMC to support farmers in bringing stronger healthier (leaner for those who care?) animals than GoK trying to influence smaller butcheries to support this.

The only issue is corruption but then this is not just a public sector preserve...

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