Monday, June 01, 2009

Kudos Nation, Standard media

As an investor and an nrk, getting updated news and business/financial reports from Kenya is essential. Hence its good to acknowledge DN and Standard's daily inputs. Nation continues to keep pace with its use of technology and I think its digital edition is superb especially because its the only guaranteed source of all financial reports, something that not even the ever-dozzy NSE does. DN also keeps its new live with regular updates though there is still room for improvement. And its pioneering youtube version is pretty handy. And not a bad a share to invest in either.

Standard though playing a never-ending catch up game does to quality articles when its minded to do so. Its Tuesday business magazine is a must read and an area Nation has struggled to catch up with its Smart company mag.

Notwithstanding the sometimes obvious political bias (btw, this is not a Kenyan trait, in the UK, a scan of a paper's stories will tell you which side of the political spectrum its on-mostly right-wing Tory supporting), I think both media groups have advanced media and political freedoms in Kenya.

Areas of improvements:

Business coverage-remains anaemic and not even BDA has been able to fill the gap. I've never seen quality business coverage of any economic sectors. Not too mention the often rather obvious errors. Stories that touch on listed firms are usually never given a context. As an example a story about Mumias kicking off its power co-generation project should have touched on the revenue generation possibilities for the firm.

Political coverage- too much of it.

Happy madaraka day...

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Maishinski said...

The political coverage is sickening at best...