Monday, June 29, 2009

About the trees- again

You know things are bad when it get FT's attention. And stockskenya, NTV's and whoever else atention. Wangari Maathai has been talking about the fact that we need to plant trees since 1980s during the era of the unmentionable. Those days she was like Noah of the Ark-fame. Are we going to wake up and avoid the fate of the many who got drowned making fun of Noah/Wangari Maathai? This time by hunger?

When was the last time you planted or encouraged somebody to plant trees.? Why aren't we getting touchy about deforrestation in Mau, Mt Kenya, or the Tana River (and the Qatar) land grab? Or the drying Mara, Uaso Nyiro rivers. Yet we can cry ourselves hoarse BSing about some dead musician/p who won't add sukuma wiki or Kenyan grown maize to our plates. Swine flu which dominates the headlines today has got nothing on the coming drought or fights over land and water. Where is Michuki/Kimendeero when his purposeful leadership is needed?


odegle said...

The need for trees is only really when you try to put up a small shack. then you realize you need to plant more. But one more thing we may need to do is to show people trees which are fast maturing and good for firewood since in most areas fuel is the biggest single threat to tree cover. trees such as jacaranda are very good for fuel since you could harvest the branches, use them for long and by the time you are done, they shall have grown back. trees like blue gum are good commercially but very wastefully on land etc. What i have opted to do is to educate the few people i can in my village especially by my example

bankelele said...

water shortages in nairobi, late rains in the rift and much longer dry spells around the country. the signs are on the wall, yet every other week, the news shows police impounding a truck full of contraband wood from 'protected forest' - ok i'll try an dplant more trees (have not done that in 3 years)

Hesbon Kerongo said...

hi maina,
thanks for sharing what need to be done,unless we take the full responsibility am sure we are bringing our own destruction.thanks once agian.keep up
hesbon kerongo

Ssembonge said...

Unbelievable. Some Kenyans don't have access to water and others are talking about fibre cable.

MainaT said...

Od-Blue gum actually worsens the situation because they take a lot of water.
Bankelele-mainly use your platform to encourage kenyans to plant trees and to look around and see the signs on the wall.
Hesbon Kerongo-thank you.
Christopher- not sure, I think both are important but clearly if no water, we won't get Ho2-d electricity.

shanga said...

What happened to the national tree planting week that used to be held yearly some years back?

Anonymous said...

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