Monday, June 15, 2009

On Mungiki-we either choose progress or ...

Let me say that at outset, in my humble opinion Mungiki is currently a Central province given its the community in the province that has been targetted by Mungiki. That is not to say that other similar gangs can't emerge elsewhere in the country, but the reality is that they haven't.

The way central province handles Mungiki will largely determine whether it'll have another lost decade similar to the mid-80s to mid90s or it progresses on a similar economic path to the rest of the country if not faster given its advantages. The deal is this. Is Central province going to embrace the worse than mafia activities of Mungiki or are we going to arise and say no so that the province can progress?
Mungiki origins and driving themes have been discussed elsewhere. Suffice to say that it'd be a mistake to believe in land, poverty as the underlying causes. The 2nd mistake would be to equate the vigilantes with Mungiki as Martha Karua has been attempting to do. Its stupid and will lose her votes in any case.

The issue has nothing to do with GoK which despite employing its machinery to overcome the Saboat has watched as Mungiki has spread from Laikipia to Nai and back and then past to Nakuru. A large part of the reason for this is that the Mungiki-growth era (roughly since 2002) has been in a symbiotic-like relationship, been abetted and fed by the same politicians who now occupy positions of power. Mungiki openely paraded in Nai in2002 in support of UK in 2002. Peeps like Njenga Karume were part of oaths taken around that time in exchange for votes. Many of the current crop of MPs in Kiambu and Muran'ga have worked hand in hand with Mungiki and such won't dare stand against it.

The vigilante route is one way of dealing with issue. But an eye out for another and we are blind. I think it'd be better for the same groups to publicly name the mungiki adherents and basically warn them to leave the area. Then forcefully move them out if they won't do as adviced.
Parents must take responsibility for their teenagers. Not the responsbility of taking them to vigilantes for forgiveness. But reaching out to them much earlier via involvement in their school life. Finding activities for them to get involved in once farm work is done. CDF funds be can directed towards funding work on feeder roads, school/factory/health centre building activites which can involve some of these youths. And even sports activities.
Or GoK might for once put some thinking into the problem...


Peter said...

Do note that the mungiki problem is not isolated to kikuyus there are other groupings in other tribes that perform in a similar way,the likes of sungu sungu (kisii) etc. Other than that your thought process on the rest is ok,though you need to make clear what the problem is.

MainaT said...

Peter-the sungu sungu; bagdad boys; chonokoro are all red herrings. The Mungiki are the real deal and no amount of head/sand stances will get away from this.
Not sure what you mean about me not saying what the problem is. Do you mean what is causing Mungiki to continue growing. Pure criminality and a love mbeca...

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