Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who is Hellios LLP?

It’s a private equity group founded by two Nigerians (sounds suspicious already doesn't it?). The two are however successful investment bankers/private equity deal makers in their own right having worked for Texas Pacific Group-among the largest private groups in the world with funds under management of $30bn+.
Babatunde Soyoye, the MD was also MD for TPG Europe. Tope Lawani also worked with him.

Main Investors in Hellios:
CDC with $50m repreent the UK interest; OPIC also with $50 represents the US and IFC with $20m represents world Bank. Others with undisclosed 
sums are Soros Fund; TPG and our own Transcentury with 1% holding. Its total funds under mansgement 
are circa $300m

Major Deals:
Investment in First Monument Bank of Nigeria
JV with Portugal Telecom
Sold its joint holding with Actis in Flamingo to James Finlay
Took 25% stake in Equity to be disposed off no earlier than 2014.

So apart from the fact that its a Nigerian-led outfit, what are the issues?

An attempt on Kimendeero? Wonders never cease.


pesa tu said...

Am NOT surprised, the kind of people who take risks in emergimng markets tend not to be conventional.Hence, G.Soroses of this world

MainaT said...

Btw, when I first looked at Hellios, the thing that impressed me most was how those Nigerians guys had gotten such a diverse group of investors to believe in their vision.