Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Shorts

On my list of dream IPOs for 2008 are Kenya Pipeline and KPA to float 30% each this year. Additionally, I'd like to see KPA float a 15 year bond to help finance some serious expansion of its capacity. Perhaps deepen the port as well as have a proper 24 hour service. That is the only way it will achieve its goal of being in the top 20 in the world.

Due to looming slowflation (i.e. slowing economic growth vs. rising inflation), we’ll probably end up with two more interest cuts in 2008 rather than the three I expected.

An interesting spat is going on between M7 and one of his opposition MPs, Beti Kamya. She called him an non Ugandan, which is the Kenyan equivalent of saying Wambui is Kibz second wife.

Are the thousands who were internally displaced part of the current jaw-wagging between the protagonists in Kenya? What can we do to stop this dichotomy in believe between “there is a nation called Kenya”, but “this area is for my tribe thank you very much”? Why should we all as Kenyans bear the costs of resettling them? Shouldn’t it be the case that those who displace should bear the costs via their CDFs?
After all, respect for private property and seller vs. buyer rights are at the heart of a functioning economy.

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