Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The State of the Nation

As a Kenyan with families in all but the North Eastern province, the events of the last two months have been appalling and sad because I feel like some parts of Kenya are now out of bounds. My late grandfather (a man ahead of his time in many ways), used to say that for him the best thing about Kenya was that it widened his horizon. One of his favorite pictures was some church function in Kavirondo (I believe this is an old name for some part of Kisumu). And that is a big part of what Kenya represented to me. The belief that I lived in a country of such rich diversity. Right now, you get the feeling some peep think they can do without others which unless they are planning to retreat cave-man style into their tribe, is just talk. Global is the way to go. In any case, next time we are home, we'll have to plot how to visit relas and that’s sad. It’s also sad that we don't have leaders-and if they are there, I have missed them. We suffer from ethno-plutocratic politics i.e. money and tribe speak loudest. Even a crisis of this magnitude has not brought out one unifying leader.
As a farmer, I'll continue to earn some crust but for how long if we can't get ourselves in order as a country?
As an investor, I've continued to take positions in stocks that I think will weather any change in conditions for the next couple of years. For reference purposes, I've looked at stocks that existed pre-2002 and how they performed. I've also taken positions in stocks that i think are worth a risk based on how agile they are strategically. I can do both strategies because I have a 5-year outlook. Viewed very realistically, I can't see how a grand coalition will work. In my humble
opinion, the worst thing that Kibaki has done since 2003 is to trash that MOU because that would have ushered coalition politics into Kenya. They are the future, because
not even a dictator can rule Kenya and ensure economic growth.

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shanga said...

In Which stocks have you put or are putting your money in?