Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Landmark French case, Obama, BBK

A landmark anti-corruption case is in the offing in France. France probably has the most sleaziest politicians corruption-wise in the West. The majority of its recent prime-ministers or presidents were involved in corruption cases. Chirac with shenanigans in Paris when he was mayor, Mitterrand and his era marked by top officials having to be fired and so forth. Suffice to say, African corrupt leaders used to feel right at home in Paris. Not anymore, activist lawyers are supporting African Diaspora in France to launching cases against Omar Bongo of Gabon; Dennis Ngeusso of Congo; Compadore of Burkina Faso; Obiang of Equatorial Guinea and the old man of Angola dos Santos. All live a life of luxury and whats more, many never thought they would get caught so they'd flash £300k here on a car, buy two or three flats in the most expensive street in Paris etc. And charge the expenses to their respective Treasury Ministries. It doesn't they'll be jailed in France, but all those assets could be seized and used to fund the citizens
 of their countires. Beware m-o-1 and your corrupt Kenyan pals.

Obama looks like he is edging his way into the Democratic seat, but there is some way to go. However, should he win the dirt from the Republicans will be one which will make you want to bust a move on your TV. Should he have Hilary as his VP? Personally I don't think so because the republicans would have her for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

As I expected, Barclays announced poor results for 2007-in the context of an economy that grew at almost 8%. A 24% rise in its income was wiped out by an almost equal increase in costs although some of the costs were one-off costs in re-opening branches and setting up some new ones. However, rather than take the opportunity to legitimately increase provisioning for bad debts to anticipate this year’s inevitable rise, it actually reduced provisioning! Incredible.

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