Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Shorts

Oil prices continue to rise (now past $102 per barrel and almost £1.10 per litre in some of London's pumps) and that is now a problem everywhere because in addition to concerns about global economic slowdown, we now need to add on inflation-concerns. Things are also not going well in the US with foreclosures almost doubling from a yr ago. It means that consumer spending will remain subdued. The market for credit derivatives of any kind is dead is a dodo probably according to the head of UK FSA. Thanks to rating agencies and over-generous pay-package. Hector, stick to bureaucracy because you clearly don't understand the mentality of investment bankers, if they can't make it, they'll invent it. Money I'm talking about.
I know there is such a saying as "while in Rome do as the Romans do", but it's a worry how many Kenyans in the Diaspora are passing away like the natives- either horribly or alone. Finally, wikileaks lives on at -lakini its sad to note that Kenyans are carrying their asinine rumour-mongering there too.
Before the current disaster, I was a skeptical East African and Central province investor. No more. Macharia Gaitho is one of the few balanced (which apparently makes him pro-PNU) columnists around.

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