Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After work drinks

Back when I first landed in London and didn't really know anybody, I kind of appreciated after-work drinks because in addition to getting free drinks, one could get to socialise and get to know a few watering holes without having to use an a-z. Today with family, 50hr working week that masquerade as 371/2 hr weeks, I can't stand them. Alas, in some companies you hear that this is one of the ways of granting yourself promotion. How is that possible? Networking at work should be about being a good team player with good interpersonal and influencing skills who is demonstrably able to deliver why working with others. Besides if you don’t gel with workmates during work-time what kind of gelling is done hen you are 7 pins to the good?

What think ye?

I must admit I am disappointed that despite having some very good minds in both camps, PNU and ODM haven't been able to agree on the way forward. Looking coldy at the issues, PNU should be aware that ODM want power and ODM should be aware that PNU want to stay in power and are already in power. So why not show flexibility so both sides get to live another day? I think our politicians are cursed by an almost uniquely African politics problem-you can't succeed unless you lack morals and principles.


Ssembonge said...

Even if we assume that no work gets discussed in after hours gatherings, you can't ignore the fact that your drinking buddies will be sure to remember you at work.

As you know, some of the after-hours discussions are just as important as work meetings.

ka-investor said...

I agree with Ssembonge. Some of this after work drinks can really help in understanding your team mates better. Its an oppotunity to discuss work-related-issues in a different environment, a more relaxed one.
You may be surprised the ideas people have just bottled up in them.