Monday, February 11, 2008

Rejuvenating our economy

Treasury has taken the unprecedented step of publicly asking Kenyans to submit proposals for the forthcoming budget.

I have started a thread at stockskenya to generate some ideas on how we can help our economy get back on track. And even ideas on reforming the economy.

Please put some non political ideas on the thread as an investor or a positive Kenyan and we can send them to the finance ministry. They may not take notice at the ministry, but its also a way bringing us back to being part of the +ve solution.


Ssembonge said...

Requesting for stakeholder input is a noble idea. However, our economic problems are political. We need to institute a political solutions before trying to cure the symptoms.

For one, I would like a proper constitution and takling of corruption. This will bring economic prosperity.

Respect for private property and the rule of law are what make nations prosperous.

MainaT said...

Tru, politics is important, but it shouldn't be because otherwise there is no point in having elections. Our goal should be to elect 210 compotent peeps to represent us and then for us to get on with the daily bread earning stuff. If we can elect those type of people, we need to stop whining for another 5 years.

On respect of property, where does it start, with the GoK or us wananchi? Because neither has been doing much of that recently.