Friday, April 17, 2009

Taking Mungiki down: Kenyans start reclaiming their lives

I've really been waiting to read or see something like this. Mungiki like our dishonourable wabunge are parasites preying on the poor who need to increase and keep all they earn from their long daily hours not be told to support idlers. 
So its good to see this community in Ndia saying enough and going after some of these idiots. Imagine someone coming and telling you they have your husband's head. 


coldtusker said...

Same reason why I am OK with killing somali pirates. The SOBs are increasing my cost of doing business as well as decreasing tourism cruise/leisure boat arrivals.

John Maina said...

Its a clear testament of a failed government if not state, which cannot protect its own pple who have to result into protecting themselves. which is even more dangerous when everybody takes the law into their own hands as it will result in more violence.
I saw another too scary live video of kisii's burning 3 witches, one was a cucu.
I think kenya is in dangerous time where everything goes and anything can happen. What amazes me is why wananchi kill each other whilst hero worshiping the so called leaders instead of dealing with them.

MainaT said...

CT-I think we should for once use our navy to do something proactive about piracy before itg gets out of hand.
JM_I am hoping the proactive stance by the raia will spread from dealing with the localised pests to the national ones.