Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our role in promoting diversity

Diversity in employment is a key indicator of a society's progression and greater promoter of equality. While many in the diaspora complain about the lack of diversity at our work places, we also have a key role to play in changing this. Namely, once we get into these positions, proving that Kenyans/Africans/blacks are not just as good but due to the fight to get their, are better than many of their peers. It doesn't involve turning oneself into an uncle Tom or a coconut i.e. losing one's identity. Merely understanding that in a meritocratic system, delivering on your role is more than half the battle.


my said...

Hey guyz,
am working on a business plan for my new venture which will provide a better investment option for kenyans in diaspora than teh stock market, and would like you to share your two pieces about it which will help me add more content to the business concept...
the business concept will create a potential paradigm shift for kenyans living and working abroad,

the biz idea is called adopt-my-biz, the big idea is to link small and medium enterprises with investors to access adequate capital for financing. Given the current economic situation the banking sector has increased its interest rates on lending compounding the financing predicament for smes which lack adequate capital for expansion.

Adopt-my-biz proposes to link these smes to investors through a website platform kind of like and The differentiation of my-biz with the other platforms will be that it will not be loans as such but it will be offering investors an ownership stake in the smes in the platform and also the target investors will be kenyans and africans in diaspora who live and work there but lack the correct avenues to invest in their home country as well as the stock markets in the areas they work offering low returns.

Their exit strategy will be a regular pay-off from the sme according to the convenience of both partners either quarterly of each financial year, half year or at the end of every year, this will leave the sme enough space to stick to their budgetary plans and free their cashflows.

To add value to the business concept adopt-my-biz will be offering business-to- business mentorship, where it will offer kenyans in diaspora who are on holiday to add value to the society while on holiday by providing their professional and management expertise to small and medium sized firms through a week or a months session in the sme's premises in a consultant capacity.


MainaT said...

My=excellent idea that I'd definitely be interested in. Please keep me updated.