Saturday, April 25, 2009

NSE weekly catchup

Bourse was up 2.6% on last Friday's close with Kenol recovering its price and post-spilt Equity continuing northward movement. Some prices are still very good so those that think we are well placed for the long-term need to take positions.

Results and announcements:

Konzolo CEO and owner of Unreliable Securities was aligned in court of stealing and resigned from political position ass head of the Broker Association. So that is another broker taken care of.

Everready announced (surprise surprise), 95% drop in half yr profits from an year earlier. I am not sure, but I hope it has a new product strategy because clearly batteries are not its future.

Centum will attempt to raise Ksh4bn (staggered over 5yrs) presumably to cover cash flow shortfalls in the near term. As well as invest.

Maina Mwangi, formerly CEO of RenCAP, will head Equity's IB business which is very good addition to its team.


KRA missed its targets for the year. There was already a deficit of Ksh25bn. So is the deficit bigger?

The politics is and will mess up any serious headway towards 7%+ growth rates. As I've mentioned before, a 42 minister cabinet is not going to grow the economy. A grand coalition added on top of that mix makes for a good headache.. RAO has made one mistake time and time again in his dealings with Kibz. He thinks he is dealing with a gentleman. He is not. For Kibz, he is not astute enough to realise that if you undermine or build mistrust, you'll be paid with the same coinage soon enough. 2ndly, he is not observant enough to notice the talker no action PM in front of him and just give him this head of HBC role. Look at the unga fiasco, Mau forest and even RVR. So far, the 2nd term is going as per the 1st except this time there is no economic or stockmarket growth.


Volatile this week. Plays on Barclays are now limited to taking the odd 10% gain every other day. Some other shares are looking playable though.

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