Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q1 results for NSE Banks

Q1 results will shortly be upon us. In bullish times, you tend to get pretty much every MIMS listed firm releasing some form of quarterly update. However, the opposite applies during these times of the bear. With the exception of banks which have to do so due to their mandate, I expect to see very few quarterly updates. In any case, for the banks, I am predicting near flat results of several banks with the usual exceptions. Loan defaults will be a feature of every earnings release this year from any bank and one should expect nasty surprises on the P&L depending on how well the particular bank has provided for npls so far.

Equity up 40% on Q1 2008 just because it has a bigger loan book compared to last year. I think its Waterloo moment will be Q2 when I can’t see it going higher than its Safaricom quarter of last year. Will start benefit of push in Ug by Q3 and beyond
KCB up 20% though I am expecting it to surprise in a positive way given its larger book vs q1 2008.
NIC, DTB 20% and 40% up respectively.
CFC down on Q1 due to the insurance business. Think link to NSE via its broker as well insurance arm.
BBK and Stanchart-I am expecting one of these to be down on Q1. Only, slightly but down nevertheless.

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