Friday, November 21, 2008

NSE: Former CEO's real view of the market

NSE is absolutely not de-coupled. Quite the opposite infact. I've charted the table on monthly foreign purchases and sales in Mwebesa's presentation to illustrate this for the year to September. For full presentation, go here and click on the Business Media Development Institute luncheon presentation (its in power point).

Explains alot.

Why doesn't the NSE publish this data even on its monthly bulletin?


Maishinski said...
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Maishinski said...

Oh my God! I almost missed it!

I think your graph adds even more weight to the market manipulation suspicions.

Now I REALLY wanna know how many shares actually changed ownership, what volume of Trades was between Nominees accounts, and who are the owners of these nominee accounts.

Looks like a big one.

Anonymous said...

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