Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday shorts

So did Kenya reclaim Obama? Or did Obama reclaim Kenya? Its a bit of both. Mind you, afadhali Kenyans. The Irish are claiming him on the basis of his great*5 grandpa. We had a Kenyan party for Obama sponsored by the High Comm and Balala's ministry on Saturday. First mistake was to serve the generously supplied free Tusker Baridi and the like almost two before the meeting kicked off proper. Non one was listening by the time the speeches were being done. How is this for luck? US has Obama, UK has Dizzy (sorry Dizzle). Finally, guys are saying that Obama has been elected at just about the worst tine in US history so he can fail. Well, put it it this way, how many gave him a chance when he first stood or went one to one with Hilary and later with McCain?

Interesting piece in the context of politics. But also stock markets. How many of us stock market investors can genuinely confess to not knowing what is going in the market like 50% of the time. Because you see if we did know what was going on even 85% of the time, we'd all be billionaires like WB who does. By this I don't mean that we don't know our fundamentals but there is as I intimated in my simple equation the other day, a lot variables in the market and saying you know how all those players will react to situations or what their strategies are is like saying you know what everybody is thinking. Unlikely...

A cut in interest rates of 1.5% should be seeing many homeowners and prospective ones smiling. But no. While most banks have passed the cut onto any holders of their variable-rate mortgages, they have also withdrawn any BoE trackers thus closing off prospective house buyers. The rest are dragging their feet saying they can't make the margins even wihn Libor falling! Gova's work is really cut out.

Tiomin discovered tatinium in 1995 in Kwale, got a contract to mine it in 2002. Almost 7 years later it still can't get started. Ignoring the idiotic ways of the ex-president and Kibz, can't they just tell Tiomin its not going to happen because we really don't need the jobs. Don't forget there is a ready market for the product (hence the Chinese interest).

In the UK, they have News of the World a scandal-filled tabloid, but I reckon even it won't be able to pull
a story like this (so humorously told despite the sad situations that we Kenyans get ourselves into to get makaratasi)... Wakenya aibu ndogo ndogo.

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