Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Shorts

We can say whatever, but we Kenyans are very unique and alike. You go to visit a Kenyan family and if the majority of the guests are from one tribe and age, you'll pick up a new language. More enjoyably, you'll eat a traditional dish. You may catch a vcd you haven't seen before, but you'll surely get Koffi Olamide. And politics will dominate conversation as the evening goes on. Very good naturedly.
It therefore hurts when you witness the politicians attempts to keep us from forging ahead together. Some of the idiotic stuff from adults on this has been embarrassing. Charity Ngilu should know that you have to take responsibility for your actions no matter who you thought you were doing it for. As for that thug Ephraim, you should know that if I take your eye out because you took mine out, we'll both be blind and in the wrong. Hopefully all 10 will end up in the Hague or pariahs like Mugabe.
In 2003, I remember saying to my cousin that ignoring the MoU was the stupidiest thing that Kibz ever did on many levels. I have a nasty feeling that ignoring the Wako report will mean payback later in a similar manner. Implementing it is the easier option...

The economic downturn has had its positives. Oil prices are slowly dipping below £1 per litre and hopefully grocery prices will follow downwards.
Interesting debate on pesticides. The EEC is proposing to ban a lot of pesticides which have been seen to cause cancer and infertility (note for you NEMA). The UK gova for some weird reason is supporting farmers who don't want the ban and have now started the familiar scary tactics (food prices will triple story)...

Barclays is willing to pay more to private investors than give in to gova?

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