Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't believe in God? So what do you believe in?

Many don't believe in God because of misconceptions about what believing in God means. It doesn't mean that;
  • You have to be perfect. Quite the contrary.
  • You are weak. No. I don't think anybody would say Obama is weak.
  • You are a know-it-all. If you are one, I don't think you'd believe in God.
  • You have to be religious. Wrong. Believing in God is first and foremost a personal choice i.e. doesn't involve any rules. Being part of a religion can be one way of sharing that personal believe with others and does involve rules.
  • You have to give up on those things you love like getting drunk. Nope, its a personal choice based on your believe.
  • Its must to believe in God always. God doesn't need you to believe in him.

My believe is simply my way of thanking him for all the many things (good and bad) that he has seen me through.

So if you don't believe in God, what do you believe in?


K-dizzawg said...

I don't think that one needs to believe in anything (I don't).

Belief in God is comforting, and that's why many believe...

MainaT said...

Good for you K-dizzawg. Like I said, its a personal choice.

As for those who seek comfort in God, I am glad that they do so rather than seek it from
-or blogging

Tx for passing by