Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kenya-Ug: 1st chapter over, new bright chapter?

The contract as set out was at best incompetent at worst...By breaking the part where Roy plays the pipe, calls the tune and does the singing; we can see what a more localised solution brings to the table. The deal is still 25 yrs with no real get out clauses (at least to my understanding). Thats not clever.

Clearly two things need to happen in short order insert get out clauses (after two yrs of underperformance as an example) and secondly to have a more robust oversight system that picks up when things are going wrong. This time we've wasted two yrs.

One worry I have about the use local solution providers, it'll be difficult to get them out. They know how to wine and down the powers that be. 2ndly and relatedly, they'll be unable to take the hard-headed decisions that will allow them to make money e.g. rationalising the employee population because they know how to play the game.

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